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Adverse Effects Light Blue For Eye Health

We have often heard about the blue light can cause eye damage. Blue light is light with a wavelength of 400-500 nm (namometer). The blue light can come from strong sunlight, television screens and fluorescent lights, computer screens and other electronic goods. Due to the limitations of public knowledge associated with blue light makes them prone to eye disorders. Activities are always adjacent to the blue light source to make further aggravated the health conditions of the eye. Because of the accumulation of exposure to hunting into the eye in the long run can accelerate the onset of macular degeneration. The macula is a part of the retina that serves as a central vision. As for patients with macular degeneration will be impaired central vision, because makulanya cells already damaged by exposure to blue light. Eye problems associated with this one as yet knows exactly how to cure and if dibirkan away will cause blindness. Of course this does not want to happen to you right? Well then that's why you should start now doing - things that can keep you from the risk of harmful blue light.

Actual protection from blue light itself can be done as early as possible to avoid the harmful effects of blue light is to ensure adequate intake of lutein. Letuin is a carotenoid that may be obtained from vegetables and fruits. The content letein can serve to protect the eye, especially in the retina of the eye and other eye damage by filtering blue light. Besides lutein is also acting as an antioxidant by neutralizing free radicals that enter the body. But if this is not done quickly it will be bad for eye health. Here are the adverse effects of blue light for the health of the eye, including the following!

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Retinal damage
As already explained above, the harmful effects of blue light for eye health is damage to the retina. Exposure to blue light directly can cause retinal damage. American Macular Degeneration Foundation warned that the damage to the retina caused by blue light can cause macular degeneration. This leads to loss of central vision the ability to see what is in front of you.

Cataracts cause
Besides being able to cause damage to the retina of the eye, the blue light can also cause cataracts. Although in this case not yet known with certainty conjunction with cataract blue light would not hurt if you remain always take ati and guard against. Because if someone who has experienced an eye disease that can only be cured by surgery.

Risk of Cancer
According to a study conducted by the experts stated that the melatonin contained in the human body as an antioxidant. While at it if someone is often near the source of the blue light will make the production of melatonin to be disturbed. So with so melatonin secra can not function optimally. From the condition of the person will be exposed to higher risk of cancer.

Now that's an explanation of the bad effects of blue light for eye health that you can know. Because it is so dangerous blue light for eye health and your body would be much better if you avoid blue light sources.
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